Find A Niche: Use This 3-Step Niche Finder Formula At Your Own Risk

The days of the one-size-fits-all product and service are deader than a dodo! A niche finder formula is an essential tool for any entrepreneur wanting to find a niche that’s right for their home based business success.

Have A Cookie Help You Get Rich In A Niche

What does it take to stand out from the crowd in a niche market? Scott Frankel, General Manager, at the Holiday Inn Express in Malone, NY, knows exactly how. Last Wednesday morning, he and all the guests at the hotel, awoke to seven inches of snow. Not an expected happening in Upstate New York as [...]

Network Marketers To Get Much Needed Help From Niche Marketing Expert

Internationally recognized niche marketing expert, Susan Friedmann, will be sharing practical, easy-to-use- techniques to help network marketers develop a successful niche marketing strategy for their home business. In a webinar hosted by Networking University, on Wednesday October 19th at 6pm (PST), titled The Road Less Traveled: 7 Keys to Separating Yourself from Your Competition, network [...]

3 Hidden Challenges That Could Block Your Home Business Success

Imagine being an entrepreneur who jumped out of bed this morning ready and eager to work your niche marketing magic on your home-based business.. Don’t let these three hidden challenges block your home business success.

Boomer Entrepreneurs: 4 Essentials to Overcome Negative Thinking that Stops Your Home Business Success

Do you let your mind stand in the way of your success as a boomer entrepreneur?
Do you sabotage your own ability to be successful? Belief in yourself is an essential factor when you run your home-based business. Believing you can or can’t do something will either lead to success or failure. When your inner critic blocks your success path, use these four ways breakthrough.

4 Important Lessons Every Boomer Entrepreneur Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been hailed as an American genius who has changed our world forever. It’s easy to be in total awe of his brilliant and creative mind. What are some important lessons boomer entrepreneurs, not ready for retirement, can learn from his genius? Learn four:

Boomer Entrepreneurs: 4 Secret Motivators That Drive Your Customers To The “Buy Now” Button

How do you attract customers to your home-based business ? As a savvy boomer entrepreneur, do you understand the “hot buttons” that motivate them to click the “buy now” button on your website? Discover four secrets that work like magic.