How Green is Your Niche?

It’s not easy being green…

That’s what Kermit, the lovable Muppet frog, would have us believe. However, I think that might not be true. In fact, as environmental concerns become more and more mainstream, offering green products and services has become a lucrative niche for many entrepreneurs.

Let’s follow the concept a little further, and practice using our “Niche vision”. What role could you, as an individual
Nichepreneur™, have in improving the planet’s health? Could you offer a green alternative to your competitor’s products and services? Some dry cleaners have created incredibly successful businesses centering on that concept, by opting to use and publicize the fact they use only organic, environmentally friendly chemicals.

Other Nichepreneurs™ have capitalized on the green trend by advising others how to become more environmentally friendly. There is a green angle to everything, from fashion and beauty to restaurants. Consider what opportunities exist for you!

Susan Friedmann, CSP, The NichePreneur Coach, is a niche marketing expert who helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, find and capitalize on a niche market. Author: "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market," "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Target Marketing," and many other titles. For more great information on niche marketing strategies that work, and for a complementary copy of  "The NichePreneur Mindset: How to Find Your Niche to Success," visit Click to download the "Riches in Niches" app.

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