A Niche in One

From some humble beginnings in Scotland, golf has certainly become arguably the world’s favorite game. I was thinking about that this morning, after reading this BBC article about the recent golf craze in India.

You may be wondering what the popularity of what have some called a nice walk ruined by some little white balls has to do with your business. The answer might be quite a lot, if that’s where your target audience does their networking.

It’s no secret that big business happens on golf courses. That’s a trend nearly as old as the game itself. However, if you’re new to either networking or golfing, you might not be sure how to merge the two.

Believe it or not, providing the answer to that question turned out to be someone’s niche. (Tell me you’re not surprised!)
This website is devoted entirely to that topic. If you’re curious, go check it out.

The larger lesson here, though, has nothing to do with golf. Instead, in the course of four paragraphs, we’ve presented a trend, talked about the problems that might cause, and found someone focused on solving those problems. That someone could very easily be you. Sure, you might not be interested in weighing in on the great merging golf with networking problem — but is there another issue out there with your name on it?

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