What Color is Your Niche – Green or Blue?

You hear a lot about Green niches — environmentally friendly products, services provided by Earth-savvy professionals who maintain a minimal carbon footprint, and so on.

What if your niche isn’t green?

What if it’s blue?

According to this recent NY Times article, water shortages are a big deal in Spain. The same story has played out time and time again, here in the US – where up to 36 of 50 states are expected to experience severe drought conditions within the next five years — all the way to Australia, where desalination programs are being implemented to provide adequate water supplies down under.

This might seem well outside the purview of a business oriented blog — but it’s NOT! And here’s why: business trends are born in the science pages. Everything — from the way homeowners landscape to industrial design for manufacturers trying to conserve water to recreational industries such as kayaking and canoeing — is going to be impacted by this problem.

Your job, as a Nichepreneur™, is to discover how to be part of the solution. Consider your industry. What impact would it have if the water supplies available to your trade are cut in half? Would it drive up the cost of raw materials? Does it affect manufacturing costs? Do you have to help clients find the money to pay water bills? Will your patients consume less water due to rising costs and adversely affect their health?

The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to find them — and make a splash as the Nichepreneur™ in the know.

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