How Can You Simplify Your Nichepreneur® Business?

You’ve likely heard of simplifying your life, but what about simplifying your business?

There’s a growing trend to do more with less. That’s certainly true during this down economy. Many are finding inexpensive ways to do pricey things. For example: a home movie rental saves a few dollars at the local cinema. When it comes to business, as Nichepreneurs®, what are we doing to “save on popcorn” and straighten the path to success?

Tell me, what can you implement today to achieve more in less time or with less capital?

Here’s a great inexpensive and simple way to contact customers and promote your products/services.

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Susan Friedmann, CSP, The NichePreneur Coach, is a niche marketing expert who helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, find and capitalize on a niche market. Author: "Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market," "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Target Marketing," and many other titles. For more great information on niche marketing strategies that work, and for a complementary copy of  "The NichePreneur Mindset: How to Find Your Niche to Success," visit Click to download the "Riches in Niches" app.

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