7 Ways to Become a “Media Darling” in Your Niche Market

Imagine what it would be like to be a media darling in your niche, where journalists, TV, and radio producers come calling for your expertise and advice. This is easier than you think. Publicity is a secret weapon in your niche marketing arsenal. This powerful hidden advantage is inexpensive, carries little risk, effective and, most of all, is easy to use, especially when you understand how. What more could you ask for?

To work effectively with the media you have to understand some fundamentals, which will help endear them to you, and you to them. Here are seven of the most important elements.

1. Avoid self-promotion.
The golden rule to remember when dealing with the media is, it’s not about you! The media are very seldom experts in any one particular area, that’s why they reach out looking for specialists like you. When they come knocking at your door, usually via the phone or e-mail these days, they want information that will help their target audience. Remember that your expert status is earned, first and foremost, by being a good, solid, reliable resource. You always want to give sound content and show yourself as the Expert you are.

2. Be available.
From my 30 years of experience with the media, particularly print media, I’ve learned that journalists are invariably on an extremely tight deadline. If you’re available when they need you, you get the interview. If not, they find another expert. It’s that simple! So, if you want the publicity, return phone calls or reply to e-mails immediately. I’m a firm believer that some publicity, wherever it is, far surpasses none at all.

3. Play for time.
I know that I give a much better interview when I’ve had time to think about the angle I want to present when a reporter comes calling. Invariably the phone rings when I’m in the middle of a project, so it takes me a little time to shift gears and get in sync with the journalist’s storyline. If it’s one that I’m interested in and can talk intelligently about, I ask for their deadline. If it’s the same day, then I have them call me back 20-30 minutes later. My goal is to express myself intelligently with good content, and if possible, examples.

4. Be generous with information.
I have a tendency to give a journalist far more than they need. I’m extremely generous with my information as my purpose is to constantly solidify my position as an Expert in the marketplace. I always ask them whether they would like some extra tips for a sidebar, or I point them to my website where I have a treasure trove of free articles they can draw on for more information. Another strategy is to let them know that if they need information in other related areas, I volunteer myself as a future resource. Once they have a resource they like, trust, and who gives rock-solid information, they come back time and time again.

5. Be mindful of their focus.
All the information you offer should be in line with the journalist’s goals and objectives. I always do frequent checks throughout an interview to ascertain if I’m giving them the kind of information they want for the article. Often the journalist doesn’t have a real clue about the subject they have to write about. As a result, much of what I also need to do is educate them to the point where they can write an intelligent and knowledgeable sounding piece. They are more than grateful for this coaching, which is another strategy to help endear me to them.

6. Stay in touch.
Another strategy I use involves staying in touch with the media contact. I write thank you notes-especially once I’ve received a copy of the publication. I then file this person into my media resources so that I can keep them informed of future initiatives. Because many of these journalists are freelancers, you never know what publication or future story they will be working on, so you want to stay alive in their memory bank.

7. Get mileage.
Whether you were interviewed for a print publication, radio, or television, you want to get as much mileage out of the piece as possible. Consider sending reprints of the article to customers or prospects who you think would value receiving this information. If it’s an online article, link it to an appropriate place on your website. All I request is a specific byline that appears at the bottom of all my articles. I want make sure that my Web and e-mail address appear on every article published.

Remember to share your fame with as many people as possible.

Susan Friedmann, CSP, The NichePreneur Coach, is a niche marketing expert who helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, find and capitalize on a niche market. Author: “Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market,” “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Target Marketing,” and many other titles. For more great information on niche marketing strategies that work, and for a complimentary copy of “The NichePreneur Mindset: How to Find Your Niche to Success,” visit http://www.richesinniches.com. Click to download the “Riches in Niches” app. Sign up for the Niche Marketing Success 7-Day Mini Course


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  1. The first tip is perhaps the hardest because if they have reached out to you, they already consider you have something of value. Do you mean to watch the use of the I word?

  2. John Tschohl says:

    Nice article. Great headline. Thanks for the information. I have been working wit hthe media for over 30 years and you are on target with your information.

  3. Hi Susan, great tips! Always look forward to your blogs.
    Janet Harllee http://www.justacloserstumble.blogspot.com


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