Guest Blog: Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Winning in Your Niche

In the old days of search engine marketing (i.e., three or four years ago), having relevant content on your web site usually was enough to drive prospects to your site. Today, however, this isn’t the case. Search engines like Google now routinely search for content across ALL media platforms, including but not limited to: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Those niche marketers with great, keyword-rich content spread across multiple places on the Internet now receive higher placement during searches.

What to do? Develop and implement a content marketing plan. Here are seven key steps to take to make this happen:

1.    Review and revise your keywords. You should have two lists of key keywords, those phrases that best match what it is that you do. You need a short list (four to eight) of direct, specific, exact words or phrases describing or matching your business, and then a list of 10-30 peripheral words.

2.    Create media platforms. Begin with a blog. Add content on a regular basis. When you have this flowing, create a Facebook page, and also begin to add content there. When you have both your blog and Facebook content flowing, add a Twitter account. And so on.

3.    Vary your content. One-trick ponies get old very quickly, especially in today’s ultra-fast online world. Develop three types of content, then vary as appropriate. For example, a restaurant might develop these three content types: food-related (notes about what’s in season, a mention on how the chef prepares a special dish, etc.), restaurant-related (special events, live music, etc.), and special offers (a happy hour drink special, etc.).

4.    Be consistent. To succeed with content marketing, you need to place your keywords in as many different relevant spots throughout the Internet as possible…and do so on an ongoing basis. Really? Yes! Google likes new, fresh content. This shows that your business is vibrant, active, and above all relevant.

Wait, you say. That’s all fine, but there’s one (big) problem: I’m not a writer!

There are two solutions to this: find someone who is, or become one yourself!

For someone else, consider someone on your team or look to hire an outside consultant. Today there are people who specialize in social media marketing.

To handle the writing on your own, consider these tips:

5.    Schedule a set time to write each week. Block out writing and social media time. No interruptions, no excuses-do it!

6.    Keep it simple. Most writing pieces should follow the basic beginning, middle, and end format. Professional speakers use this phrase: tell them what you’re going to say, say it, and tell them what you said. Make a main point, follow up with one or two supporting pieces of information, then finish with a summary.

7.    Don’t worry about perfection. Get SOMETHING down on paper, then polish, polish, polish. All writing is (really) re-writing.

Savvy businesses that want to perform well on Internet searches have an active, passionate, professional content marketing program in place. Use the suggestions here to drive your content marketing program to new heights.

Tim Polk, principal at, assists writers with book development, publication, and marketing. He can be reached at (707) 568-7322 or via email.


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  1. Susan, Do you recommend automatically feeding your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter? So many people do this (as I do) and I find myself impatient when I see the same content several times in one day in the various social media. Your #3 suggests diferent types of content, so perhaps it’s better not to have the automatic feeds and increase exposure with different content one media at a time.

    • admin says:

      Yes, I do recommend you feeding snippets of your blog posts to all the relevant social media platforms. Relevant meaning ones that attract your target audience.
      Thanks for your question.
      Get rich in your niche.


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