Boomer Entrepreneurs: 4 Secret Motivators That Drive Your Customers To The “Buy Now” Button

How does your home-based business attract customers? As a savvy boomer entrepreneur, do you understand what motivates them to click the “buy now” button on your website? Often as the seller, you might assume someone needs what you have to offer. And, it may appear as if there’s no rhyme or reason behind buyer behavior, but know there really is.

That’s the key premise in Barry Feig’s book, “Hot Button Marketing”.  Feig identifies the crucial emotional factors that underlie individual buying decisions.  He terms these ‘hot buttons’.

Hot buttons are those cues or triggers that create an emotional response in the viewer.  These responses can illicit positive interest, encouraging further exploration, or prompting action, such as clicking the “buy now” button and placing an order.

On the other hand, they these responses might trigger negative reactions that turn prospects away, and have them leave your website in search of another.

It is up to you, the savvy boomer entrepreneur, to use hot buttons in such a way as to create positive emotional responses that motivate sales.

How do you do this?

To effectively incorporate hot button philosophy into your online marketing messages, you must first understand four secrets about your target audience.

1. Be as one with your prospect

Before you develop your promotional material, you must think the way your prospects think.  You want to know what’s important to them, what factors influence them, what challenges they’re facing, and what fears keep them up at night.  The closer you are to your prospect; the better equipped you are to understand their emotional position.

2. Adapt to their behaviors and opinions

There’s often a disconnect between what people say they want and what they really want.  For example, a need for status is a common hot button for many people, yet they don’t want to admit that they’re buying based upon an inner need to be seen as prestigious.
When you know and understand what motivates your prospects, your job is to respond to the behavior, as much as the need.

3. Learn their thought process

How does your prospect make decisions?  Are they a slow and introspective thinker, who likes to research and analyze every detail before making a choice?  Do they prefer to fly by the seat of their pants and let instinct guide them?

While everyone reacts to hot buttons, not everyone reacts in the same way.  While an analytical, methodical prospect might move slowly, and carefully in response to the hot button, a more impulsive, free thinking type might respond quickly to the hot button triggers presented.

Knowing the thought process of your target audience will let you predict reactions, and plan accordingly.

4. Know what keeps them awake at night

What is your target audience’s greatest fear?  What do they worry about?
Fear is a powerful motivator, both in the personal and the professional setting.  If you understand what scares your target audience, you’ve come a great deal closer to completely understanding them.

By adopting these four secret strategies into your home-based business marketing, and devoting yourself to understanding your target audience, you’ll be better equipped to send the right hot button messages in your sales copy. And then you’ll discover, like magic, they’ll click the “buy now” button.

Susan Friedmann developed this information specifically to help baby boomers who want to be their own boss, and work from home to make money to supplement their retirement savings. Susan is a master at helping boomer entrepreneurs find a niche, and reach their goals quickly and profitably, by providing the world’s highest quality proven systems, tools and education. If you’re eager to set up, and run a successful and fulfilling home-based internet marketing business, find out how today! 

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