Boomer Entrepreneurs: 4 Essentials to Overcome Negative Thinking that Stops Your Home Business Success

Do you let your mind stand in the way of your success as a boomer entrepreneur?

What are your beliefs about success in your home business? Do you sabotage your own ability to be successful? As the old saying goes, “You must Believe to Achieve.” The notion is that if you believe you can do something, you can, and if you don’t, you won’t – plain and simple!

Your beliefs are extremely powerful and play a role in everything you do, and say. Your beliefs affect your knack to see opportunities. They influence your mood, your risk-taking and ultimately your ability to achieve success. It’s part of your human make-up to have beliefs about everything you do, yet some appear stronger than others.

Belief in yourself is an essential factor when it comes to running your home-based business. Believing you can or can’t do something is a self-fulfilling prophecy, which will either lead you to success or failure. Regardless of where your beliefs came from, if they are standing in your way of success, you need to seriously look at how to turn your thinking around.

Using TURN as an acronym, here are four ways to help you get started:

1. Take time to test

Take time to test your beliefs, at the same time, examine, recognize and acknowledge your talents. Write them all down in two columns, the ones you believe serve you, and the ones you feel hold you back from success. Make this an ongoing exercise, as you’re unlikely to think of everything at one time. Once you’re aware and admit your negative thinking, while recognizing and being proud of your strengths, you are taking the first steps to making a positive change in your success pattern.

2. Understand your beliefs

The better you understand yourself and your beliefs, the better able you are to change any unconstructive thinking.  Beliefs often stem from childhood environments, and the people who influenced you while growing up. Acknowledge wherever yours came from. Realize that while they may have served you well in certain situations, now as a boomer entrepreneur, you need to harness and zero in on some new thinking.

3. Reach out to experts

Working from home as a solo entrepreneur can often be lonely. You don’t have the luxury of the water-cooler chats you might have been use to in a traditional work environment.  To stay focused on the path to success, you need to find mentors and experts who can help guide you along the way.  Admittedly, there are many unorthodox self-acclaimed gurus out there, so take your time finding the true proven professional specialists.

4. Negate the thought demons

The more you know and understand how your mind works in certain situations, the better equipped you’ll be when any negative thinking rears its ugly head, wanting to stop you from moving forward.  Every time you hear that little voice in your head, the inner critic that offers you disapproving messages, nix them immediately.  Although it may seem crazy, talking to yourself is extremely helpful. Thank your internal messenger for its advice, and tell it that you have another more constructive opinion.  The more you do this, the less likely you are to allow this voice to paralyze, and hold you back.
Take time to examine your beliefs, understand what’s working and what’s not, reach out for help when you need it, and finally, negate any destructive thinking that holds you back.

When you make TURN a routine part of your life, you’ll discover the strength, and magic it has to fuel your drive for success.

Susan Friedmann developed this information specifically to help baby boomers who want to be their own boss, and work from home to make money to supplement their retirement savings. Susan is a master at helping boomer entrepreneurs find a niche, and reach their goals quickly and profitably, by providing the world’s highest quality proven systems, tools and education. If you’re eager to set up, and run a successful and fulfilling home-based internet marketing business, find out how today!

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