Have A Cookie Help You Get Rich In A Niche

What does it take to stand out from the crowd in a niche market?

Scott Frankel, General Manager, at the Holiday Inn Express in Malone, NY, knows exactly how.

Last Wednesday morning, he and all the guests at the hotel, awoke to seven inches of snow. Not an expected happening in Upstate New York as the winter months march in.
However, Scott did do something unusual. He got out his shovel and started to clear the snow off certain cars in the parking lot.

To his amazement, my husband, a regular guest at the hotel, expecting to spend several minutes clearing his car of the snow, found that it had already been cleaned. When he saw Scott doing this to several others cars he naturally had to comment, and thank him for this most astonishing service. Scott’s response was that he likes to do this as a thank you token to his regular guests.
This is definitely not what you would expect from a hotel general manager. This act of kindness and gratitude certainly helps Scott to stand out from the crowd.

Although, his hotel has relatively few competitors in Malone, and you could say that he’s in a niche market in his area, he still goes out of his way to keep his loyal regulars happy with their choice. He’s also setting the bar very high for other Holiday Inn Express general managers who may well need to be more conspicuous in their area, because of greater competition.
Take a look at your business, off-line or online, what do you do that’s different and unexpected, to show gratitude to your loyal supporters?

With the myriad choices out there in the marketplace, it’s definitely in your best interest to look for ways to reward your customers, so that you keep them coming back for more.
Marketing to a niche market often means that you have fewer competitors to worry about; nonetheless, you can never afford to get complacent. Feeling smug and content with your position in the marketplace is often an extremely dangerous position to take. Why, because if you’re in a lucrative niche market, it won’t take too long before others start invading your space, and sooner or later, you’ll no longer be king of the castle.

Dan Kennedy, author of the bestselling  “No B.S.” book series. refers to these acts of unexpected gratitude as “cookies.” He advocates that you need to constantly be offering our customers “cookies” to continually improve your customer relationship to show them you care. Customers want to know that you appreciate them, and don’t take them for granted.

Here are a few of Dan’s suggestions for “cookies,” which I am sure he won’t mind me sharing with you:

  • Thank you cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Prizes
  • Free reports
  • Checklists
  • Quick start guides
  • Instructional audio or video downloads
  • Contests
  • Websites and links that provide helpful resources

The possibilities are endless including clearing snow off your guests car.

According to Dan, “People develop an irrational love for good cookies. Nurture that. Don’t ever go too long without serving up some delicious cookies. If you wait too long, they will go away, and their money goes with them.”

What “cookie” do you plan to serve your customers today?

Whatever it is, I guarantee it will definitely help to set you apart from your competition, unless of course, like you, they are reading this blog post!

Don’t wait get serving right away so that you can get rich in a niche!


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