Boomer Entrepreneurs: Is Betting on your Future a Good Plan?

Boomer entrepreneurs fall into two groups when it comes to running their home-based business: gamblers and planners. Whether you’re a novice home business owner, or an experienced one, how do you run your entrepreneurial venture? Discover why betting on the future of your home-based business is a risky move.

Boomer Entrepreneurs: Do You Make These 3 Common Blunders in Your Home Business?

Weather you’re a novice or a veteran boomer entrepreneur, the chances are that you’ve made several blunders in your home-based business. Discover three common ones, together with some tips to avoid, and or remedy the situation.

The PulseNetwork TV Interview

Bill Sell, host of New Marketing TV on, interviews Susan Friedmann, The NichePreneur Coach on important niche marketing strategies for home-based business owners and boomer entrepreneurs.

3 Quick and Easy Tips to Avoid Making Excuses (at Work or Play)

Are you a baby boomer who concocts little white lies, or makes excuses instead of being completely up front and honest, whatever the situation? Who are you really kidding? Next time you feel the urge to make an excuse, consider these three quick and easy tips to find the courage to expose your vulnerabilities.

Home Based Business Success: 3 Key Marketing Essentials

As the economy waffles along increasing one minute and decreasing the next, and unemployment hovers near 10% nationwide, people are fast realizing that home-based businesses are the way for to supplement or replace income without being dependent on others. To build a successful home-based business you need three key marketing essentials.

7 Real Reasons Why Boomers Need To Look Online To Get Out Of A Messy Workplace

Unless you’re living under a rock, you can’t help but notice that the world is a mess.Take a look at seven reasons why today’s baby boomer has the ability to succeed and get out of the messy and insecure workplace.

Home-Based Business Owners: How Do You Play The Game of Life?

As an entrepreneur working from home using the Internet to market your business, you can often get caught up in finding tricks and techniques to get the customer to buy. But step back and consider that this business is your life.